Chicken & Roots Winter Stew

Chicken and Roots Winter Stew

This recipe is a versatile recipe.  The basic recipe can be modified using any winter roots or squash you may have on hand.  Amounts are not set in stone and are not listed. Adjust amounts according to your family size or appetite.  (or make larger amounts for lunches and dinners for several days). Another suggestion from the farm is to prepare the stock and spices ahead.  You can add any vegetables you like on different days to keep it varied.

Do you have a large family?  A big pot of rice will stretch this out nicely.

Roast whole chicken or pan sauté cut up chicken in a shallow pan in any oil.  Make sure your chicken is browned as this adds flavor to the stock.

Remove the chicken from the baking dish or pan.  Do not wash pan or dish.  Add water or wine to the pan/dish to deglaze.  Cool and debone chicken. Set the chicken in refrigerator.  Add the bones, skin, cartilage to a stock pot along with the deglazing liquid.  Add water to cover bones and simmer for 2 hours.

Prepare roots by cutting in bite size pieces any or all these vegetables in any combination (We may have forgotten some, so this list is not necessarily complete):

Sweet Potatoes

Carrots (no purple ones!)

Turnips, any type




Winter squash, like butternut, pumpkin, hubbard, etc.

When stock is ready, remove bones and solid parts or strain into a different container. (you get this, right?) (If you have a husband like Mary does who washes all her dishes, you are a lucky girl!)

The stock pot should now contain the stock.  Add some canned tomatoes, black beans or white beans (we used canned beans), chopped onion and garlic.  Simmer. (Again, large families can stretch the budget by adding more beans.)

Add root vegetables.  Add frozen or canned corn.   Simmer.

Add spices:





Cayenne Pepper

Chili Powder

The finish:

When all vegetables are fork tender,  you are ready to re-introduce the chicken.  Cut the deboned chicken in bite-sized pieces.  Add to the stew.

Add any heavy cream in any amount to make a nice consistency. (Your call on this). (note- does not have to be cow’s milk, coconut would be delicious).  Gently stir.

Taste and adjust seasoning.  

Garnish with cilantro, sour cream, crème fraiche, fresh tomatoes cubed (any fresh green- micro green- would be a nice touch.)

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